Merger of SwissComply and Evolute


SwissComply, the leading provider of regulatory services for asset managers, is joining the fintech company Evolute to form Evolute Group Ltd. This merger of regulatory and fintech services creates a platform provider for asset managers that combines comprehensive regulatory services with digital technology.

ZURICH, 14.03.2017 - While the financial sector is being driven by attempts to implement more stringent national and international regulatory requirements, new technologies are fundamentally and enduringly changing wealth management and its associated business models. In order to even better meet the future demands of asset management, the two specialised financial service providers, SwissComply and Evolute, have decided to merge.

The newly combined company Evolute Group Ltd will be based in Zug (Switzerland) with further corporate sites in Zurich (Switzerland) and Lviv (Ukraine), and will have Kaspar Wohnlich as its CEO. The Board of Directors is made up of fintech entrepreneur Michael Hartweg, former Microsoft Switzerland boss Peter A.C. Blum (President of the Board) and financial expert Kathleen DeRose.

Combining the two specialists creates a unique range of digital wealth management services. These are based on the expert knowledge provided by SwissComply, which has offered services for asset managers, family offices and banks in the areas of compliance, risk management, IT and back office since 2013, and also the one-of-a-kind solution from Evolute, which has developed a currently unique hybrid technology for tailor-made portfolio optimisation. This technology makes use of humans and machines to an equal extent, at maximum efficiency.

Kaspar Wohnlich explains: “The merger allows us to combine the most innovative approaches from the areas of technology and also compliance and risk management, in order to create a unique and modular solution. The combination of the best of both these worlds enables us to offer our customers exactly what they need today: regtech and fintech from a single source. This makes it possible to save costs in times of declining margins by increasing efficiency, while at the same time ensuring our customers are well prepared for future regulatory change.”

Michael Hartweg, founder investor and member of the Board of Directors with executive powers, continues: “With the merger, we are creating a solution for asset management that redefines the customer experience through both traditional and digital channels, and which can be applied consistently along the entire value chain. With our innovative solution, we are taking an important step in terms of the much debated digitisation and industrialisation of wealth management.”


Evolute Group Ltd company profile

With its 45 employees, Evolute Group Ltd. is one of the largest providers of comprehensive technology and outsourcing solutions for portfolio and asset management in Switzerland. Evolute Group Ltd. is a reliable partner for banks, asset managers with and without collective investments and family offices with regard to the outsourcing of comprehensive software solutions, compliance & legal, risk management and data operations. Evolute Group Ltd. is based in Zug and has other locations in Zurich/Switzerland and Lviv/Ukraine.

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